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We have a host of campaigns, what suits you?

Don't Go Hungry

Did you know we waste 74m mince pies at Christmas? That is a hell of a lot of money!

Don't Go Hungry is a great new campaign full of resources to help you save money and waste less food, check out the page to see a host of tools and events.

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Pay Ahead, Stay Ahead

Do you need money adivce or do you want to add your tips on how other people could benefit from your advice?

Or are you sick of the payday lenders and fellow young people not knowing there rights? Are you the person to help change that?

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Beat The Poll

Ask the questions that are important to you, to the people who will shape the country for the next five years. Interview local parliamentary candidates or simply blog matters that impact the local area around the 2015 UK General Election, tell us what matters to you.

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Code For Cameroon was a social hackathon event and initiative founded by Social Breakfast to link social activists in England and Cameroon.

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Our Team

There's a bunch of people here at Social Breakfast with a range of different experience, we are here to help you make your point!


Launched in 2009, Social Breakfast is a social enterprise that supports young people (16-25 years) to actively engage in civic life and influence change. We work throughout Birmingham and the Black Country to help young people to build the confidence and skills they need to have a greater say in the decisions that affect them.

At Social Breakfast we encourage and support innovative and enterprising solutions from young people who are interested in learning more about how they can influence change. So whether you’re into music, photography, blogging or running your own business, we can support you to use your skills to create positive change.



We can help you get to where you want to be in your career!


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